How To Be A Conscious Parent Under Stress

Learning How To Manage Stress And Anxiety Makes You A Better Parent

Your Nervous System Imprints On Everyone Around You

What does it mean to be a Conscious Parent? To be conscious means your awake and aware. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely caught myself falling into old coping styles when I’m stressed, but I think this is where consciousness really becomes your ally. I always say that awareness is the precursor to change. As a parent, I’m always asking myself if I can be a better parent. The answer is always yes.

Do you go unconscious when you’re stressed. This doesn’t mean you black out, or does it? It means you may go on automatic pilot. If you haven’t consciously examined how you handle stress, more than likely you’re coping the way your parents did. As a kid, I grew up with a parent who would check out and drink and a parent who would get angry and scream. That’s how they coped. Now I think a lot of parents say to themselves, “I’m going to do it differently.” No judgement, because when we stop and think about how our parents were raised, we can find empathy and compassion in our heart, because they may have had a difficult childhood and they may be modeling how their parents did it.

Conscious Parenting means being a cycle stopper. This was a great phrase I learned when I was doing some personal development work and processing some of my childhood experiences. As a parent, I wanted to be a cycle stopper. I wanted to stop the unhealthy habits and learn how to handle my emotions and especially my stress. Stress plays a huge role in how we build or destroy our relationships. If stress is a destructive force in your life it can be heartbreaking for the relationships you have with your kids.

Our Nervous System Imprints On Our Kids. When kids are young, they’re like sponges. They soak up our beliefs, our values and….our stress. It’s so incredibly important to first learn how to manage your nervous system and earn how to cope with stress and be more resilient. Then, really figure out what you value. Ask yourself:

  • Are you living and behaving according to your values?
  • What kind of parent to you want to be?
  • How can you carve out some time to decompress each day, so you can be more calm and present?
  • What’s your coping style? Is it healthy or unhealthy?


Being a conscious parent means being willing to take a deep, sometimes dark look at yourself, identify your blind spots and unhealthy habits and have the courage to make positive, lasting changes that build love, trust and intimate connections with your kids. Because I know you love them more than life itself!

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