Easy Tips To Relieve Anxiety And Stress With Acupressure

Janet Thomson, Acupuncturist, Shares Acupressure Points To Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Learn How To Use Acupressure To Get Quick Relief From Anxiety and Stress

I had a great conversation with Janet Thomson. She’s an acupuncturist based in Oakland, California. She shared some great tips for getting some relief from stress and anxiety. Her tips are timely, especially because most of us have felt the extreme pressure of this unprecedented time. As Gilmore Girls would say, “Oye with the poodles!” FYI – Adding a little levity also helps.

What I love about this interview is that Janet gives you easy, simple pressure points that can immediately start relieving stress in your body. It’s important to realize that emotions can jam up in the body in the form of tension, so first becoming away of what’s spinning you out, and then choosing to take a few moments to apply some self care will go a long way.

Here’s a list of some of the tips she gives you:

  • 3 to 5 acupressure points specifically for stress and anxiety reduction
  • A few essential oils that can immediately calm your nervous system and why aromatherapy is so powerful
  • Some herbs and teas to bring on the relaxation

Here’s The Link To Watch The Interview With Janet Thomson

This key here is to set an intention to create a self care ritual, so that when you feel the tension building in your mind and body, you can say “Oh, yeah…..I know what to do to take good care of myself” and reach for your self care first aide kit. The more you practice taking good care of yourself, the quicker your mind and body will respond in positive ways. After all, it’s about building healthy habits that stick. New healthy habits help you to recognize how much control you really do have and that you’re resilient enough to get through the current challenges you face.

Need More Support? I’m here to help if you want some mental and emotional support to get through a rough patch. You can email me at or contact me here.



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